Time's up - let's build Tidal Lagoon, says Geraint Davies

Time's Up - Let's Build Swansea Tidal Lagoon now, says Geraint Davies 

Said Geraint Davies who is standing for re-election as Swansea West MP: 

"Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon plans have been given the green light by the independent Hendry Review but the Government sits on its hands as investors consider how long to keep their money on the table. Now is the time to act.

"The Government needs to understand seventy per cent of existing fossil fuels can't be used if we are to honour the climate change commitments we made in Paris to stop irreversible climate change. 

"The Tidal Lagoon energy cost is less than that forecast for nuclear energy from Hinckley Point. In any case a small price increment for a relatively small amount of energy from Swansea's Lagoon is a very small investment to kick start a world export industry in tidal Lagoon technology from Swansea. 

"Time and money is running out so let's just fire the starting gun and build Swansea's Tidal Lagoon right now."

"My job if re-elected is to then maximise the economic and environmental benefits of the Lagoon including exports, tourism and supporting our universities as a global centre of excellence for marine technology.

"There's a big fish in the net so let's haul it in before it escapes," said Geraint Davies, who is standing for re-election as Swansea West MP  

First Minister Carwyn Jones launches Geraint Davies' re-election campaign

First Minister Carwyn Jones AM launches Geraint Davies’s campaign to be re-elected as Swansea West MP “putting Swansea jobs first
First Minister for Wales Carwyn Jones AM was in Swansea to turbo-charge the launch of Geraint Davies’ campaign for re-election as Labour Member of Parliament for Swansea West today. 
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Geraint Davies visits Waunarlwydd Primary School



Last week I visited Waunarlwydd Primary School and read to the children for World Book Day. 


I read Roald Dahl's The Magic Finger to the children. Roald Dahl and his family decided to attend school in Wales because they considered them to be the best schools in the world. 


Geraint Davies joins Parliamentary campaign for women hit by state pension inequality

Geraint Davies, Labour MP for Swansea West, today joined women who came to Parliament to campaign for state pension equality. The meeting took place on International Women’s Day, as Labour MPs called for a stop to state pension changes which penalise women born in the 19560s.


Geraint Davies said, “Women from Swansea born between 1950 and 1960 are hit hard by a sudden and unexpected loss of income that they had not planned for. Many have had families, separations and career breaks and this change is an unjustified and cruel breach of contract that has left many destitute. The campaign goes on for justice for this particularly vulnerable group who have been treated with meanness by a Conservative government which doesn’t care or understand their plight.


“It was inspiring to meet so many women who have fought for state pension justice, especially on International Women’s Day. The Government should listen to the voices and stories of these women who have still not found justice.


“WASPI is a fantastic campaign that highlights an important injustice in the way that the Government have dealt with changes to state pensions. Although, like WASPI, I agree with state pension equalisation between men and women, the Government has implemented these changes in an unfair way – with little or no personal notice, more speed than promised, and no time for many women to make alternative plans. For too many women, some in my constituency of Swansea West, retirement plans have been shattered with devastating consequences. Five ordinary women got together in 2015 and decided to fight this injustice, and it gives me hope to see so many campaigning in Parliament today.”



Geraint Davies MP pledges to help track down stolen Welsh dogs

Swansea West MP Geraint Davies today attended Parliament’s first ever Dog Theft Awareness Day hosted by the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA) to help raise awareness about the growing issue of dog theft.


Mr Davies said: “Since October 2011 there have been 122 confirmed reports of dog theft in the South Wales area, causing great distress to the owners and their families. Sadly few of these, or the 60 dogs that are stolen every week from people’s homes, gardens and communities across the UK, are ever returned to their owners.


“Making microchips compulsory for all dogs in Wales from April 2016 was a step in the right direction, making it easier to trace dogs back to their owners, but it’s time that scanning those microchips when a dog is brought to a vet or a rescue centre becomes compulsory, so that estranged dogs and their owners can be reunited.


“Dog snatchers in South Wales must realise that we will track them down.  The Government should not ‘paws’ in its efforts to protect dogs and deter and detect thieves.