Davies presses Steel Minister for post-Brexit Tata assurances

Today Geraint Davies Labour MP for Swansea West pressed Anna Soubry Minister for Industry for assurances over the Government standing firm in respect of supporting Tata following the EU Referendum. Speaking after quizzing the Minister in the European Scrutiny Select Committee Geraint Davies MP said 
"Sixty per cent of UK steel exports are to the EU so any prospect of trade tariffs imposed by the EU after Brexit is concerning to 6000 Swansea Bay steel workers. 
"The fall in the pound after the vote may help exports but also increase the price of imported iron ore for British steel. 
"Today I pressed the Minister that despite Brexit the Government will honour its pledge to take a 25 per cent equity share in Tata's British Steel business alongside any new buyer and to reassure workers that their pensions will be protected by the Government. This is important to workers, pensioners and prospective buyers at this time of huge uncertainty. I was pleased the Government intends to stand by its word despite the unwelcome uncertainties over EU taxes on our steel exports following the disastrous vote for Britain to leave the EU."

The Final Say


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The UK shouldn't be forced to leave the EU on terms nobody voted for. Therefore, Article 50 should be delayed until after the people have had the final say by voting on whether to accept the terms of the deal or to stay in the EU on current terms.


Triggering Article 50 on 31/3 hands back the UK's EU membership giving the remaining 27 EU member 2 years to decide a UK Exit Package which suits them & discourages others leaving. The UK only has power to negotiate before Article 50 is triggered. The EU incentive to negotiate before a UK vote on the Exit Package is that if it were rejected the UK stays in the EU. Hence, UK should negotiate the deal terms & let the people vote to accept the deal or to stay in the EU before triggering Article 50

Cubs Celebrate Centenary Anniversary at House of Commons with Geraint

This year The Scout Association is marking the centenary anniversary of the Cub Scout movement since it began in December 1916. As part of the celebrations the Speaker, John Bercow, welcomed Cub Scouts and MP’s form across the UK to celebrate the past 100 years within The House of Commons.

Cub Scouts attended the event along with local MP Geraint Davies for a huge celebration of the centenary. Cub Scouts are aged between 8-10 ½ and have the chance to take part in a diverse range of adventurous activities from abseiling to zorbing to first aid, teaching them key skills for life.  

During the event the Cubs put their Scouting skills to use inside the speakers apartment where they were tent pitching, learning new first aid skills as well as discovering how to stay safe online with some digital apps.
Cub Scouts have had an action packed year celebrating the Cubs100 by hosting their own local Promise Parties, ‘Thanks Events’ for all the dedicated volunteers as well as joining in the fun at national events such as CubJam and Cubs Take Over days throughout the year.

Cubs Scout Khan Yildiz said:
“I’ve had the best time at the Houses of Parliament, not many people get to come here so I feel very lucky. It’s great being part of the 100 year anniversary, being in Cubs means that I get to learn loads of new skills and have fun with my friends. It was great to tell the MP’s about all the things we’ve been doing at Cubs and show them what’ve learnt.”

MP Geraint Davies said:
“As a proud scout it’s been a fantastic event supporting Cub Scouting and celebrating the past 100 years. I think it’s a great chance for young people to get involved in Scouting as I have seen it can offer them some amazing opportunities.”



Government must ban fracking for sake of the environment – Geraint Davies MP at PMQs

Geraint Davies, MP for Swansea West, today challenged the Government in Parliament during Prime Minister’s Question Time, following the decision to give hydraulic fracturing (fracking) energy production the go-ahead in the UK.


Speaking in Parliament, Geraint Davies said, “Satellite data shows that 6% of methane from fracking is leaked through fugitive emissions. Given that methane is 86 times worse than CO2 for global warming over a 20 year timeframe, will he [the minister] support the Council of Europe’s call for the banning of fracking, or at least a maximum of 0.1% fugitive emissions at the well-head?”


Geraint’s question follows last week’s decision by the Parliamentary Assembly to the Council of Europe, which represents 47 countries, to unanimously approve a report set out by Geraint Davies who is Rapporteur for Fracking on the Council of Europe, said, “It is a great shame that the UK Government is choosing to ignore the environmental evidence as well as the voice of local communities who oppose fracking.


“For the sake of our planet, our health and future generations, we must end our reliance of fossil fuels. 75 per cent of identified fossil fuels cannot be used if our Paris climate change pledges are to be honoured. Theresa May must listen to communities and scientists who oppose fracking in Lancashire, which the Government has given the go-ahead. Not doing so will undermine the UK’s climate change commitments made at the COP21 Conference in Paris last year.”

Get on with tidal lagoon before we lose global leadership

I've been supporting the Swansea Tidal Lagoon as MP for six years and it's time for action. George Osborne highlighted it in his 2013 Autumn Statement and now three years in the Government has done nothing but have another review.


The Hendry Review confirms the project is technically sound and will have falling costs per unit of electricity as bigger Lagoons follow. As 75 per cent of fossil fuels can't be used, if we are to avoid temperatures rising beyond the 2 degree limit agreed in Paris COP21 Climate Change, we can't use current oil prices to judge Lagoon energy value for money.


Already it looks better value than Nuclear that has concerns over radioactive waste and if the world uses nuclear for 12.5% of its needs we would run out of uranium in 10 years.So we must push ahead with green energy like Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.


It would be good for jobs, good for the environment and good for U.K. Energy security. Fracking is no alternative as it involves 6 per cent of methane being leaked, according to latest US satellite data, which means it's twice as bad for climate change as coal. That's because Methane is 86 times worse than C02 for global warming. This means fracking is not the answer and we need green energy like Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon for our future needs.


It's important to act to maintain global leadership of these new technologies and put Swansea and Wales at the front of the race towards a sustainable future.