Geraint Davies MP pledges to help track down stolen Welsh dogs

Swansea West MP Geraint Davies today attended Parliament’s first ever Dog Theft Awareness Day hosted by the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA) to help raise awareness about the growing issue of dog theft.


Mr Davies said: “Since October 2011 there have been 122 confirmed reports of dog theft in the South Wales area, causing great distress to the owners and their families. Sadly few of these, or the 60 dogs that are stolen every week from people’s homes, gardens and communities across the UK, are ever returned to their owners.


“Making microchips compulsory for all dogs in Wales from April 2016 was a step in the right direction, making it easier to trace dogs back to their owners, but it’s time that scanning those microchips when a dog is brought to a vet or a rescue centre becomes compulsory, so that estranged dogs and their owners can be reunited.


“Dog snatchers in South Wales must realise that we will track them down.  The Government should not ‘paws’ in its efforts to protect dogs and deter and detect thieves.



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