Geraint Davies MP raises police cuts with police chief

 Geraint Davies MP with Chief Supt Joe Ruddy


Geraint Davies MP has met up with Chief Superintendent for Swansea and Neath Port Talbot Joe Ruddy to discuss police cuts in Swansea. Said Geraint Davies MP "I am very concerned that further planned Conservatives cuts to the police of between twenty and forty percent will hit Swansea hard "The number of Swansea uniformed officers has already fallen from 660 in 2010 to 550 now so it's important to support the thin blue line that protects the public from further cuts.


"We need to keep up front line policing to cope with current crime as well as new pressures on the Force like children missing from care who are vulnerable to abuse and those with mental illness.


"New technology and cross border cooperation can help as can reducing the causes of crime. I will be opposing more later licensing hours locally and minimum alcohol pricing nationally.


"Cutting police budgets to the bone is a false economy as it puts the public at risk so I'll be speaking up strongly for our Swansea police in Parliament.


"It's important to make the best use of scarce resources so I also discussed crime hot spots with Chief Superintendent Joe Ruddy.


"Wind Street needs to improve its reputation and Swansea needs to deliver a more family friendly night-time economy and I know the Council has positive plans for both."

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