Get on with tidal lagoon before we lose global leadership

I've been supporting the Swansea Tidal Lagoon as MP for six years and it's time for action. George Osborne highlighted it in his 2013 Autumn Statement and now three years in the Government has done nothing but have another review.


The Hendry Review confirms the project is technically sound and will have falling costs per unit of electricity as bigger Lagoons follow. As 75 per cent of fossil fuels can't be used, if we are to avoid temperatures rising beyond the 2 degree limit agreed in Paris COP21 Climate Change, we can't use current oil prices to judge Lagoon energy value for money.


Already it looks better value than Nuclear that has concerns over radioactive waste and if the world uses nuclear for 12.5% of its needs we would run out of uranium in 10 years.So we must push ahead with green energy like Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.


It would be good for jobs, good for the environment and good for U.K. Energy security. Fracking is no alternative as it involves 6 per cent of methane being leaked, according to latest US satellite data, which means it's twice as bad for climate change as coal. That's because Methane is 86 times worse than C02 for global warming. This means fracking is not the answer and we need green energy like Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon for our future needs.


It's important to act to maintain global leadership of these new technologies and put Swansea and Wales at the front of the race towards a sustainable future.

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