Ghost Fishing Gear

Said Geraint Davies MP "every year over 600,000 tonnes of ghost fishing gear is lost in our oceans and can cause injury or death to Dolphins, seals and other marine life. That's why I met up with World Animal Protection in Swansea to talk about ways of tracking lost netting electronically and biodegradable netting. We visited local Swansea fishermen to look at their initiatives."

 Skipper of Danny Buoy Nigel Sanders shows Geraint Davies MP lobster pot that becomes safe after loss

"In Swansea Skipper of Danny Buoy Nigel Sanders has modified his lobster pots with corrosive rings so that the pot comes open and no longer traps lobsters if it is lost. He has also designed a biodegradable escape hatch for whelk pots so the whelks can escape if the pot is lost. Thanks to his initiatives Nigel has become a World Animal Protection 'Sea Change Champion'".


"These are simple environmental solutions invented in Swansea that, if shared, can help preserve fish stocks and prevent harm. I'll be meeting up with World Animal Protection in Parliament and pressing for legal changes to improve the recovery of lost fishing gear and to reduce harm."

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