MP pushes Minister on Google & Facebook 'Egg Freezing'

Reports from the United States suggest Facebook is paying female employees up to 20,000 dollars (GBP12,500) to cover the costs of freezing and storing their eggs, and Apple will start a similar scheme in January.
Labour's Geraint Davies (Swansea West) accused the firms of institutional sexism and "intimidating women".
During Women and Equalities Questions in the House of Commons the Labour MP told The Minister "In essence, (they are) saying, 'If you want to get to board level, you should have frozen your eggs'.
"Isn't this the worst case of institutional sexism intimidating women into not having babies at a time of their own choice, and will you unequivocally condemn them?"
Ms Swinson replied: "Well, it's up to individual companies on what policies they want to offer and whether indeed employees think that's any kind of incentive or otherwise.
"I think what is important is making sure there are genuine choices that women can make and that therefore women in the workplace do not feel under any kind of pressure to delay starting a family if that is in fact what they want to do at a particular point in their career.
"And the Government's changes to make much more modern the procedures around maternity leave and shared parental leave are absolutely essentially to making sure women and men can make the choices that work for them around parenting."
Speaking outside the chamber, Mr Davies described Ms Swinson's response as a "bit of waffle".
He said: "The fact is, women should have the right to have children when they like, men bring up children and workplaces that are capable of family-friendly procedures."
Mr Davies warned against "medieval macho" behaviour in the corporate world, adding that ideas on developing a balance between work and having children must be progressive rather than regressive.
He said: "In a male-dominated, nerd culture we basically want to open up gender-neutral opportunities in corporations."

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