MPs rally behind Bill to give voters the Final Say on Brexit

Cross-party MPs support Bill presented today calling for referendum on EU Exit Package, with option to remain in the EU, days before Theresa May’s “Great Repeal Bill” – the EU Withdrawal Bill.


MPs from across Parliament have rallied behind the Terms of Withdrawal from EU (Referendum) Bill, presented today by Labour MP Geraint Davies, which calls for the British people to have the final say on the UK-EU Exit Package. The Bill specifies that voters should have the option to remain in the EU if they believe the Exit Package is a bad deal.


The Bill is supported by Labour, Green and Lib Dem MPs, including Caroline Lucas and David Lammy, and had its first reading today. It comes the day before the Second Reading of the Government’s “Great Repeal Bill” for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.


Geraint Davies MP said,


“My Bill aims to make sure that people get what they voted for. The negotiated exit package should reasonably represent what the British public voted for in 2016. However this is threatened by the Government’s repeated failure to make any progress in exit negotiations, which puts our national future at risk of a bad deal.


“Therefore the British people have the right to a final say on the exit package, or to stay in the EU if a deal fails to meet what people want and reasonably expect.


“My Bill is presented the day before the Second Reading of Theresa May’s Great Repeal Bill. There is growing momentum from across the political

spectrum to challenge May’s vision of a hard Brexit, and the cross-party support for my Bill illustrates that. The British people deserve a final say on the Government’s disastrous exit negotiations, and we will continue to fight for that in Parliament.”


The Bill was presented with the following short and long title:


Terms of Withdrawal from EU (Referendum) Bill

A Bill to require the holding of a referendum to endorse the United Kingdom and Gibraltar exit package proposed by HM Government for withdrawal from the EU, or to decide to remain a member, following the formal EU exit negotiations; and for connected purposes.

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