Time's up - let's build Tidal Lagoon, says Geraint Davies

Time's Up - Let's Build Swansea Tidal Lagoon now, says Geraint Davies 

Said Geraint Davies who is standing for re-election as Swansea West MP: 

"Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon plans have been given the green light by the independent Hendry Review but the Government sits on its hands as investors consider how long to keep their money on the table. Now is the time to act.

"The Government needs to understand seventy per cent of existing fossil fuels can't be used if we are to honour the climate change commitments we made in Paris to stop irreversible climate change. 

"The Tidal Lagoon energy cost is less than that forecast for nuclear energy from Hinckley Point. In any case a small price increment for a relatively small amount of energy from Swansea's Lagoon is a very small investment to kick start a world export industry in tidal Lagoon technology from Swansea. 

"Time and money is running out so let's just fire the starting gun and build Swansea's Tidal Lagoon right now."

"My job if re-elected is to then maximise the economic and environmental benefits of the Lagoon including exports, tourism and supporting our universities as a global centre of excellence for marine technology.

"There's a big fish in the net so let's haul it in before it escapes," said Geraint Davies, who is standing for re-election as Swansea West MP  

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