No excuse for further Lagoon delay now

Welcoming the Henry review recommending the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon goes ahead Geraint Davies Labour MP for Swansea West said  "I've been involved in the development of this ambitious project for seven years and it's high time the Government pushed the button on the Lagoon and the work begins. "The science has been tested and green energy is the future so, now that Charles Henry has shown that, based on the taxpayer subsidy over the lifetime of the project, it makes financial sense there's no excuse for delay. 
"Swansea Tidal Lagoon would be cheaper than the latest nuclear option at Hinkley Point without the decommissioning risks and in cost offers  "a very much lower figure than almost any source of power generation," 
"Swansea faces tough economic times with Brexit so this massive investment could make a big difference to keeping us moving forward. We want to be known for innovation and success and Swansea as the Lagoon pathfinder will be an important part of our brand for attracting more international investment to our city region."

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