TTIP and CETA to be debated in Parliament

I have been successful in applying for a debate on the floor of the House of Commons next Thursday (10th December) to debate TTIP & CETA (the proposed EU-US and EU-Canada free trade agreements).


These agreements are both a trade opportunity and a risk to our democracy and public services. This three hour debate on the floor of the house calls for greater parliamentary scrutiny of TTIP and CETA which will bind future UK Governments for the next twenty years. The agreements will create the blueprint for other international trade deals but do not build in the environmental imperatives that the Paris COP require to avert climate change. They also threaten to allow privately conducted commercial law to trump national law making.


This debate is both important and urgent as the EU Canadian agreement is due to be agreed next Spring and will enable US corporations to invoke TTIP powers through their Canadian subsidiaries. In particular, they can sue the UK and other EU Governments for forgone profits due to laws passed to protect citizens (like a sugar tax, fracking restrictions, tobacco packaging etc)


These threats are irrespective of whether we remain in the EU.

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