A second referendum could pull us out of the fire: let's make it happen

Guardian Article - A second EU referendum could pull us out of the fire. Let’s make it happen

Here is my article in the Guardian on holding a 2nd EU referendum - https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/30/second-eu-referendum-pull-us-out-of-fire-make-happen


I am also asking MPs to sign my EDM here -  http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2016-17/243

Smog Off! Campaign

Children are particularly at risk of lung disease caused by pollution so I was pleased to join 30 primary school children who were singing their anti-pollution song at Westminster, supporting the British Lung Foundation’s demand for monitoring of air quality around schools.

The young singers who attend Gayhurst Community Primary School in Hackney, are members of the ‘I Like Clean Air’ campaign. It was formed by parents in September 2014, concerned about the impact of poor air quality on their children's growing lungs. 

The BLF is working in partnership with the choir, highlighting to politicians that harmful pollution exists across many parts of the UK. 

3,000 schools across the UK are located in areas with illegally high levels of air pollution, according to a report by DEFRA, published last year. Very few schools have air pollution monitors around them.


Brexit Tariffs Mean Swansea Job Losses

This week i warned MPs in Parliament that leaving the EU would result in tariffs from the EU on British exports as most EU countries have a trade deficit with Britain.

In a question to Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, I asked: “Only two countries, Germany and the Netherlands, run a surplus with Britain, the rest have a deficit. So does he agree that if we did have Brexit, the other countries would vote for tariffs, and indeed so would Germany to stop Japanese car imports?”

“Has the Government modelled what would be the impact of those tariffs on employment levels in the short and medium terms, and on inward investment? Disastrous, I suggest.”

The vast majority of EU countries sell less to Britain than we buy from them, with only Germany and Holland selling more to us than we do to them. Therefore if we leave the EU the others will vote to introduce tariffs on UK exports. This would be a disaster for exporters to the EU, and to the 25,000 jobs in Swansea Bay that rely on these exports, to what is the world’s largest market.

The tariffs would also have a drastic effect on inward investment. Foreign manufacturers like Ford, Toyota and Airbus invest in the UK as a tariff-free platform into the EU. Voting to leave would put thousands of jobs and millions in investment at risk across West Wales.

I also said to Boris Johnson that as the vast majority of EU countries had a trade deficit with the UK we would face tariffs, he had no answer.

Steel March Outside Parliament

I was pleased to stand shoulder to shoulder with steelworkers from Swansea Bay on their march outside Parliament. The Government must underwrite the Tata Steel pension scheme and take an equity share of British Steel under new ownership so that investors know we're in it together for the long run and we will do what it takes to keep steel production in the UK.